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A guide to finding the perfect diamond shape.

We think diamonds have personality. The classic round diamond for instance works well for many people and is generally the most popular, but does the shape of the diamond reflect your partner's nature or temperament?

Take a look at our shape guide below and see if you can see your partner or even yourself in one of them and let us know if you agree.

Round solitaire

The classic round shaped diamond is the master of bling. The cut projects perfect symmetry and resembles the element of eternity. Many people choose this for their partner because it’s safe, normal or simply easier to work with. This cut of diamond is the most popular by far. The wearer of this stone enjoys life and takes it as it comes.

Princess Solitaire

Another popular choice among the engagement ring purchases.  It calls out the buyer who normally work in offices, finance or manufacturing. This diamond works well with couples who are soul mates. Those 90 degree angles make sense. The wearer of this stone is very family orientated and is very popular around friends.

Heart Solitaire

Love at first sight. A choice for a person that is truly in love. The wearer of this ring will cherish their love forever. The ring holder of a heart shaped diamond is normally shy but very loyal.

Radiant, Asscher or Emerald Solitaire

A choice made by the selector who wants to be educated before the purchase. They have made considerations and spent hours contemplating the perfect diamond ring. The wearer of these types of diamonds are naturally beautiful, always smile and are very independent and powerful.

Marquise Solitaire

Popular with the mature generation. The Marquise calls to the wiser person. It accentuates character, sophistication and balance. The wearer of such a marvelous stone is rare, simply because only those that see, will choose it.

Pear Solitaire

Carved for the wearer that has and seeks sex appeal. The buyer of such a shaped diamond knows exactly what they want and will probably do anything to achieve it. The curvature of this diamond fits well with a person who has perfect curves and looks good in any outfit. The pear attracts the most attractive people in the world.

Oval and Cushion Solitaire

Chosen by a person who seeks a balanced and educated lifestyle. The harmony of a Oval or Cushion diamond draws on the frequency closest to the energy of life. The wearer is in touch with nature and seeks happiness through being calm and relaxing in every situation.

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