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What is an Ideal Square? Ideal²

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The Ideal² is nothing less than the revolutionary achievement of a process seven years in development. It is a fusion of ingenuity and dedication, bringing together in a single, pure form superb technique and the best diamonds that nature provides.

The Ideal² is the answer to a gap in the market between the traditional brilliance and light-return qualities of round diamonds, and princess-style square cut diamonds. HRA Group's finest craftsmen developed the Ideal² to bring to the market a premium, square cut whose brilliance and scintillation compares very favourably to round cuts and far exceeds that of the princess cuts.The key to its unmatched performance is in its ideal proportions: only a diamond cut to precise, pre-determined angles and proportions can be "ideal."

The proof of the perfection of each and every Ideal² is in the Hearts + Arrows pattern locked within each one. The Hearts + Arrows pattern is valued as a strong marketing device and as an eternal mark that a diamond has been cut to absolute perfection. When a customer gazes at the Ideal² through a Hearts + Arrows scope, she will see perfection that will come to powerfully symbolise the perfection of the moment she is choosing to celebrate.

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