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Pearls and Gemstones


Pearls come in a number of guises.

  • Saltwater pearls which are extremely rare and originate from the Arabian Gulf.
  • Saltwater and Freshwater cultured pearls are the most common varieties. Most of the world’s supply originate from China, but cultured pearls can be found in Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti.

There are seven things to look for when picking your pearls:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Lustre (the intensity of light reflected from under the pearl’s surface)
  • Surface (abrasions etc)
  • Nacre (the essence of the pearl).


Rubies are the most valuable gemstone in the corundum mineral species, which includes sapphires. Chromium causes the red in the ruby, so the more of it there is, the redder the ruby will be. The most renowned rubies come from Vietnam, Himalayas and Myanmar.

Pink and Blue Sapphires

Sapphire arepart of the same family as rubies – Corundum. While Chromium makes rubies red, Iron makes Sapphires blue. The more iron, the deeper the blue. There are other types of Sapphires, all of which have different colours. The most common of these, is Pink. Sapphires are most commonly sourced from Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Australia.

Birthstone Colours

There is a different coloured precious stone associated with each month. Some of the most famous are Diamonds for April, Ruby’s for July, Sapphires for September, and Emeralds for May. Along with these there are many other more unusual ones. Here at Diamond Palace we can cater for your specific stone needs, and can customise your jewellery with your own coloured stone, making the piece specific to you and your loved one. Please see the link for all the coloured stones and related months.

Anniversary Years

As with Birthstones, wedding anniversaries are also associated with different gem stones. The most memorable is the 60th Anniversary, as this was just celebrated by the Queen, and involves Diamonds. Others involve Rubies for 15 and 40 years, Sapphires for 5 and 45 years. All the anniversary dates are special to us here, and we can accommodate any form of jewellery you would like with these special stones included. To find out which one is coming up next for you, please have a look at the link and feel free to contact us, so we can make the day even more memorable for you. No matter what the occasion, whether it is an anniversary, or a “just-because” present, we are on hand to assist you. So why wait for a specific date? Make an appointment or look online for something special today.